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Spring Semester 2024: MAY 11- SEPT. 28 (MEETS ONE SATURDAY A MONTH, 10:00-6:00 PM PST)

[May 11, June 22, July 20, Aug. 31, Sept. 28] 

Fall Semester 2024: NOV. 5-DEC. 17, Tuesdays, 3-5 PM PST, off Dec. 3 




This is an official, multi-accredited certification.

  • Internationally Accredited 30 Hour through the Yoga Alliance (YACEP)

  • Board Certificated through The American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners (AANWP)

  • Board Certification by the AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners)

  • Course is a part of  the 1000  HOURS Holistic Health Practitioner Program but can be taken a separate certification


  • Programas de certificacion disponible en español.

  • Course can be completed in studio or live online via zoom.

  • The training is limited to a set number of students to ensure your educational experience is supported fully. 


Nothing is more important than our breath.​ The breath is our most sacred gift: it brings us life. Without the breath, we cannot have the human experience. I used to joke that people paid me the big bucks to remind them to the one thing they came into the world naturally knowing.

The breath is directly correlated to the health and well being of the mind, body, and spirit. Our breath patterns mimic the patterns in our life. The breath can be reprogramed to healthy + new patterns. This reprogramming brings profound healing to the mind, body, emotions, heart, and soul. It helps us to change to be more balanced.There is a serious link between breath work + trauma. Think of the times life took your breath away or you cried so hard you couldn't breath. 

Breathing exercises help us heal. They help us take back our breath. They help us appreciate the gift of our breath, the gift that is life. 

This training focuses on helping you find your breath again maybe for the first time ever or if you have a connection to your breath, to go deeper. The coursework focuses on ancient breathing exercises that have been helping people for over 5,000 + years, along with just a few modern, new styles of breathing. 


Breath medicine is for our entire being. This medicine is only around for two reasons: (1) it has proven to work and stood the test of time (2) it has been passed down and along by teachers for lifetime(s).


There is no prequistie for this training.  There is no minimum or maximum age requirement or experience needed. This training is open to anyone who breathes.  

 Those looking to do profound and deep inner-work as the breath gives us our life should take this training. The breath helps us transform. It helps us heal.  Breathing is our main job as human, yet over 70% of us do not know how to breath properly.  Improper breathing leads to various health concerns and issues. 


Breath work has a number of benefits including helping with: 

  • anxiety

  • stress

  • depression

  • ADHD

  • obesity/being over weight/looking to lose weight in a healthy and safe way

  • trauma and PTSD

  • chronic pain

  • addiction (specifically healing for those looking to quit smoking cigarettes or marijuana)

  • physical pains/discomfort in the body

  • cancer or other chronic conditions/illnesses

  • a suppressed immune system

  • obsessive compulsive disorder

  • focus/clarity

  • spiritual awakening/inspiration 

The breath opens the door to do powerful work that helps transform.Take this training if you looking to:

  • help heal old emotional wounds

  • reprogram old subconscious patterns

  • find peace/health/harmony in your mind, body and heart

  • spiritually expand

  • amplify your vibration

  • improve your physical, mental, emotional ,energetic or spiritual health

  • gain more self awareness or get to know yourself better

  • teach others the power of the breath*No experience needed.





The Breathwork Facilitator Program provides the tools necessary to lead others in engaging in various breathwork exercises that bring health + wellness to the body, mind and spirit.



  • ​understanding the proper way to breath

  • learning and deeply studying 8 ancient + modern breathing exercises

  • proper positions for completing breath work

  • the science of breath

  • the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical benefits of the breath

  • mudras associated with breath

  • plant medicine for breath

  • sound healing with breath

  • hygiene for proper breathing

  • creative writing with the breath


Includes principles of demonstration, observation, instruction through cueing, teaching styles, qualities of a teacher, the student's process of learning and business aspects of leading Breathwork coures, classes + experiences. You will keep a breath log.



Includes understanding breath bad patterns, the way to properly breathe and how to correct improper breathing and patterns, the physical and energetic components of the respiratory system.



Includes practicum to practice teaching, receive feedback, & observe others in breathwork experience.


Yoga With Shawna (The Holistic Health School of San Diego) is a 5 star rated

accredited institution offering various programs + certifications in the science of

holistic health. The school was founded in 2012 and has certified thousands of

students locally, nationally and internationally. The institution provides accreditation

internationally recognized through the Yoga Alliance + board ceritifcations through

The American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners (AANWP) +Board

Certification by the AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners)

accreditation through the International Association of Reiki Professional (IARP)..

What is unique about this institution is it is also a community center and yoga studio

offering the opportunity for the school's graduates to intern to gain real life

experience. Dependent on the program, the student's education will be fostered +

supported through interning either during and/or after the completion of the

program(s). We learn from doing and this institute provides the space to do.

You will be learning directly from the founder, writer, and creator of the curriculum,

Shawna Schenk. While many other schools hire others to teach programs they have

created, Shawna, the founder,  both writes + teaches the programs. Aside from

having thousands of hours + certifications + diplomas in various holistic health

modules, has a BA in Education, BA in Sociology + MA in Rhetoric + Curriculum

Development. Shawna has been an educator since 2006. Prior to opening her own school, community center, and yoga studio, she was a post secondary professor at 10 different colleges in universities online + on the east + west coast for 7 years.


Shawna has experience in understanding teaching pedagogy and understanding learning styles and human interactions to teach all levels of students. She has certified students with various learning disorders, physical disabilities and PTSD along with certifying students as young at 12 and "old" as 76. She is a published author of over 12 books, workbooks + manuals.



The main thing about Shawna is she will always be genuine with you. She started this work on her own journey of finding health and wellness after battling anxiety and depression + being medicated for it for many years. Through holistic health

she has found her peace and restored her health. She cares deeply about passing this on to others and believes it is a priceless tool that saves lives and that it is everyone's birthright to feel peace + happiness.


Different from many institutions, as a student in these programs you will work with the person who created the curriculum. Shawna is lead [and sole] instructor in every program offered at the school. She feels this is very important because she wrote the program, and she knows the program. This school focuses on nurturing and enriching your education with a highly competent instructor. With this, Shawna is also the founder of San Diego Yoga Festival + the co-owner of the yoga retreat center in Twentynine Palms, CA, Desert Dimension which  provides students the unique opportunity to be a part of these successful projects through interning or working there.




​   $1800 + plus cost of learning materials

  • $350 deposit reserves your spot + is applied to full payment.  

  • $400 scholarship opportunities

  • Payment plans available 

  • Extra fees include learning materials of 2 manuals.

  • Certification processing fee: waived for students who complete the training by due dates and do not need an extension. 

  • Course is non-refundable + nontransferable. Students are required to complete coursework by required due dates + fulfill all requirements to earn the certificate. One extension may be requested in writing. If approved, students will have to pay an additional $99 certification processing fee. Failure to complete the course results in failure to earn 

  • Space is limited.



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