Reiki is a powerful energy medicine that brings healing and harmony to the mind, body and soul. It helps people of all ages and studies have shown it has brought powerful healing to children and families when done as a small group or individually.  as it is especially helpful when done with family members as means to bring healing and nurture healthy relationships in the family dynamic while also bonding family members more in love. 

Come in with your family for a calming, restoring, energy balancing and bonding session. Moms or Dads and their kid(s), entire families, siblings of all ages, or extend family members  are welcome for this healing session. We will heal the lineage while creating healthy DNA.


Join for a private family session (60 minutes): $108

Join our weekly Family Reiki community healing most

Saturdays, 11:15-11:45 AM (30 minutes)

$20 per family

($5 per head for families over 4 members)


*In this session you will lay down with your family, listen to Reiki music, receive Reiki + oracle cards and a healing Reiki Prescription for your family to keep your vibes high. 

Sessions are led by our family/child Reiki specialist. 

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