Calling in Abundance

Money is an energy: it is a blessing and can be used for good. It is your birthright to enjoy the gift of of money; however money blockages and past conditions can find so many of us trapped and disconnected with money swimming in money issues, pains, stresses and debts. 


Hang with the founder of San Diego Yoga Festival, Shawna Schenk, and learn how she went from a person who thought money was evil and (barely) lived pay-check-to-pay-check to an abundant and prosperous business owner in the Yoga and Reiki world (a field people stereotypically believe has no financial future!).  Her life is full of money and abundance while doing what she loves. 

This all-day intensive will teach you to:

*connect and flow with money

 *establish new and healthy relationships with money

*draw abundance into your life quickly and potently


You will experience:

*abundance  herbs

*establish a daily practice with mudras,  chants, and sound healing to release money blockages and call in prosperity

*connect with money goddesses

*understand crystals that are powerful money drawers

You will engage in various money drawing exercises, meditations and rituals. Shawna has led this workshop a number of times and students immediately see a pay increase within a week of the class. 

Talking To Plants: A Course on Plant Medicine

Plants and trees are our brothers and sisters: they are living vibrations that are here to help us. If you listen, they talk to us, giving us their wisdom on how to live in alignment and in haramony with ourserlves, each other and the Earth. Humans have 5 (6, really!) senses: plants and trees have 15. We benefit greatly from their openness, wisdom and all that they have that we don't 


Plant medicine has been around since the beginnig of Earth. It is not something created by man to numb out or kill off a symptom of pain: it is a wise vibration--a gift--here to teach us how to feel through our pain,face our imbalances and heal for the good and permenantly. 


This special Plant Medicine all-day intensive is led by the founder of San Diego Yoga Festival, internationally recognized yogi, Reiki master and Spiritual Activist, Shawna Schenk. Shawna has  successfully gotten herself off of anti-depressants (a 7 year battle), attracted great material wealth removing money blockages in my life, learned how to love myself deeper than I have yet experienced, lost weight, and attracted my soul-family/true love into my life all with the help of plant medicine.


"Some days I wake up and I can't believe I don't need to take any prescription drug to feel this good. I know it is because of what the plant kingdom has taught me," shares Shawna.  


 Plants will change your  life the second you open your  eyes and heart to them. You will experience 20-40 different plants in their different forms and journal about their wisdom as you sit in silence and feel them and listen to them: after you talk to your plant, it will then be explained as to what it is  here to teach us and how it can help you: emotionally, physically and spirituality. 

The plants and their medicines will be shared in various forms from flower essences/tinctures, essential oils, teas, hydrosols, and dried/powdered forms.  We will even make our very special flower essence and a personal tea for your own healing journey. 

We cover topics including (but not limited to) using plant medicine for:




*weight loss



*heart ache/grief/loss

*money issues

*self-esteem issues

*sexual harmony



*love/soul mate attracting

*physical pain


"I Do": Marriage to the Self: A Workshop on Self-Love

Get ready to attend (and be apart of) the best WEDDING, ever.  You are getting married to yourself, in this unforgetable yoga class and workshop all on SELF-LOVE. This "marriage ceremony" will literally have it all: 

What you can look forward to you:

  • you will propose to yourself (and you will each (all 300 of you!!)  a get your own wedding ring) 

  • write yourself VOWS and create a plan to work hard to keep them 

  • learn yoga poses, mudras and breathing techniques for self-love, compassion and inner and outerbeauty 

  • propose a toast to yourself and cheers to the other  self yogis in the class 

  • catch or pass on the symbolic wedding bouquet!

  • sing and dance in the celebration of the LOVE that you have with you! 

Don't be suprised if Shawna makes you wear a veil or bow tie! 

Why are we marriying outself at this yoga festival?  So many of us: beat ourselves up, cringe when we look in the mirror, stay in our heads  living in the past hating ourselves for things that we have done, compare ourselves to others wishing we could be them, live in fear instead of enjoying our life, think suffering is ok…the list of self-sabotaging behavior and  self-hatred can go on and on and society further supports looking outward for love instead of inward. 

Reiki Level 1 Certification

Everything is energy, yet most of us neglect our energy body. The energy body works like a magnet and is responsible for what we attract in our lives.  The Reiki Level 1 Certification course introduces you to your energy body and does that by allowing you and your healing to be the focus in this class: it is time for you to be “selfish” (which is selfless) as this course is all about self love and self healing teaching you how to release negative energies around and within in you so you can attract the life you want. In this course you will understand how to see yourself as an energetic being and then understand how to identify, connect with and balance this energy. This course provides an in-depth study of the chakra system offering  tools for balancing your energies in an easy and accessible  way while explaining Reiki's history and lineage in a detailed and comprehensive way. You will graduate this course with not only only a certification as a Reiki Level 1 Practitioner, who can efficiently use Reiki for your own self-healing, but also with a deeper understanding for yourself (and why things happen in your life) which will inspire a daily practice of energy balance. This class is all about self love and will teach you how to give Reiki to yourself, your food, your water your environment and even plants and animals!

Honoring the Elements

Join Shawna, master teacher and founder of SDYF, in this unforgettable class experience in which you will release and LET GO. This experience is calling in all the elements and healing all of your bodies leaving you new and ready to receive. This class will feature:


The FIRE element to cleanse the PHYSICAL body.

30  Minute Physical Asana igniting the heat and the fire within you to SWEAT, burn out and release. This physical asana will be presented through Sun Saluations and Breathwork: and epxperence a sacred fire burning ceremony at the conclusion of class on the beach. 

The SPACE ELEMENT to the cleanse the ENERGY body

30 Minute AUM CIRCLE: We will chant AUM 108 times for AUM is the reset button, alighning you back to all that is pure. This will push all negative vibrations away from you as you re-align with the vibration of all things.


The AIR element to cleanse the MENTAL body.

20 MINUTE Breathe-Work and Reiki Healing (presented by Yoga With Shawna's Reiki Angels) to bring fresh oxygen to the brain to release overwhelming thoughts that keep us heavy.


The WATER ELEMENT to cleanse the EMOTIONAL body.

We will use a psychologically proven "talk therapy" technique with  another human being that will teach you how to release your deep emotions in a healthy way: not one that enables re-living. Then..we will surrender in a cleanse with water. Bring a towel. You will not forget this savasana.


Come heavy, leave light.  

Past Life Regression and DNA Regeneration

We are diving deep into our past to release that which does not serve us so we can be our truest and highest best self. In this unforgettable workshop led by founder of SDYF, Shawna Schenk, you will experience at Past Life Regression in which you will connect deeply with your soul memories, excessing a part of who you were in a past life other than this one. This meditation will bring you clarity on why you are the way you are and how you can be your best self.


Then we are connecting with your present body and your cells. Deep within your cells and DNA are hurts and pains that are not used but have been passed down to you. We will release them using meditation, reiki, and sound healing.


Science had proven that we can reprogram our DNA: in fact, 90% of DNA that we currently hold is “Junk DNA” programmed from conditioning and emotions that can cause dis-ease in our cells. A recent study from the Institute of HeartMath has entirely overturned the expired notion that DNA is permanently fixed and unchangeable. We can re-write our DNA using words and frequencies and that is exactly what we will do at the conclusion of this workshop.


This workshop will allow you to live powerfully in the present by understanding who you were and keeping the positive parts of what was passed down to you. Bring a notebook.

Yin with Reiki Adjustments

This restorative yin class release deep and chronic physical, mental and emotional blockages living in our cells. You will be guided through a powerful yin class where we will hold poses for 5-10 minutes while receiving reiki adjustments keeping your aura balanced and healthy. 

Mantras for Healing

Activate the 87 reflexology points in my your mouth and reprogram your subconscious mind with chanting.

Learn different chants passed down for thousands of documented years inviting in: 






Relationship Haramony 

Pranayama for Healing

Experience various breathing exercises that bring abundance, release trauma, fight depression, energize, release aniexty  and detox the body. You will learn and experience breathing techniques passed down for thousands of years in this powerful breath-work class connecting you deeper to your breath than ever before. 

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