Everything has an energy: even your home. Cleanse the energy of your house and/or invite a home blessing in to the space you live. When the energy of our home is aligned and harmonized, the energy of those who live in the home will be more aligned and harmonized. Cleanse your home and feel better balanced in all ways.
Space clearings are a powerful energy ritual where a healer will come to your home and using Reiki, crystals, essential oils, sacred house clearing spray, and smudging to bring clean, positive, healing energy to your house. A sacred energy grid will be built in the center of the home, and even an oracle reading will be done for the house. 
Healings are done "on site" at your home. The practitioner can focus on one room, many rooms or the entire home.
House clearings are perfect if you just moved to a new space, if you had a change of people/roommates/family members who lived or once lived in the home (especially if you are just getting over a break up), if you are fighting or just got over a sickness, if you notice the energy of your house is more negative/stressful/aggressive, if you are trying to change the energy of your home to be more healthy, or simply to "spring clean."  It is important to clean our homes physically, but it is equally important to clean our homes energetically. House clearings are important to do a few times a year (at least 4 times a year, as the seasons change it is good to re-balance the energy of your home).
The healer will clear any negative energy in the home while inviting in abundance, positive energy, health and love. You  will leave you with a special energized crystal you can keep in your home to keep the good vibes strong. 

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