The course is open enrollment meeting the first  or second Sunday of every month from 
3:00-6:30 PM
Course dates + Topics:
March 1, 2020: Long Distance Healing 
April 5, 2020: Cord Cutting
May 3, 2020: Advanced Pendulum Use
June 7, 2020: Angels + Reiki 
Aug. 2, 2020: Abundance + Reiki
Sept. 13, 2020: Planets + Reiki 
Oct. 4, 2020: Past Life Regression
Nov. 1, 2020: Sound Frequencies + Reiki
Dec. 6, 2020: Secret Chakras
  • Abundance + Running a Reiki Business + The Energy of Money 

  • Angels + Reiki: Calling on + Using the 7 ArchAngels 

  • [Advanced] Angels + Reiki: Tapping Into Other Powerful Angelic Lights 

  • Sound Healing: Healing With the Hidden Frequencies of the Solfeggio Scale

  • Sound Healing: Tuning in to the Vibrations of the Body with Tuning Forks

  • Sound Healing: Making Music Medicine: Gong, Drums, Rattle, Chimes, + Bowls

  • Food + Reiki: Prescriptions and Recipes for Chakra Balancing

  • Planetary Influences + Reiki (with Numerology + Universal Kabbalah)

  • The Tarot + Its Magic: The History + Major Arcana 

  • The Tarot + Its Magic: The Minor Arcana + Full Spreads

  • Advanced Pendulum Use + Charting

  • The Secret Chakras: Attuning, Opening, Healing and Balancing Extra Vortexes in Your Energy Body

  • Past Life Regressions: Tapping Into Various Lifetimes for Healing 

  • Sacred Home + Business Blessings: Clearing + Cleansing Spaces 

  • Cord Cutting: Energy Surgery To Release Attachments

  • Crystals: Stone Friends + How They Heal 

  • Plant Medicine: Talking to Plants To Heal Energy

Topics are subject to change: new topics may be added as Shawna channels course to provide exactly what the group needs. 

$88 per module 
  • discounted rates to rent the Reiki Clinic space for personal workshops + events
  •  the opportunity to interview to work as a paid private Reiki Practitioner at the studio
  • exclusive opportunities to vend at various Reiki Clinics at festivals and events Yoga With Shawna is associated with
  • discounts for personal healing sessions with Shawna 
  • access to Yoga With Shawna Alumni after graduation
You only learn by doing. This special training gives you the exclusive opportunity to intern at the Yoga With Shawna Reiki Clinic.

The Monthly Internship includes:
  • Two, 4-5 Hour Internship Shifts at the Yoga With Shawna Reiki Clinic
  • Opportunity to work extra hours for extra experience
  • One, 45-minute Individual Reiki Healing Session at the Reiki Clinic 

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