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by Yoga With Shawna

Subconsciously and energetically healing occurs in many outlets as what surrounds us creates our truth. Like a sponge, our mind and body constantly absorbs all we see and hear.  The labels and the clothes that cover our body largely affect our perception and create a norm in society that can positively or negatively affect our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  Our body is the physical home where our soul lives. Everything we put in and on our body plays a part in the evolution of our soul and our overall health and wellness. The clothes we choose to wear play a role in this, as do all things.  Yoga With Shawna is excited to introduce clothes as medicine in her new clothing line, Medicine-Wear


Medicine-Wear allows conscious, mindful soul-care to happen throughout the day using the outlet of fashion and clothing.


Energetically we must surround ourselves with what we want to be. Medicine-wear wraps your body in healing mantras and/or inspiring words. If you are out of harmony with positivity, these clothes will help shift  negative belief systems and conditioned thoughts to ones of positivity, growth and change. If you are in alignment with positivity, these clothes work as a means to continue to nurture this within in and expand your vibration. These clothes also send a message out to the world affecting any one who may notice or read your shirt.  In this way, from wearing this shirt, you become a teacher of health as a stranger can read your clothing and it can positively affect their life or plant the seed for news of thinking or being.


With this, Medicine-Ware uses natural materials and  color therapy to bring positive healing to the mind and body. All of the shirts are made with cotton who is a plant teacher inviting softness, joy, clarity and purity into our lives. Different colors affect our mood and also the health of our aura, the scientifically proven unseen part of the body that plays a part on our health and wellness. There are also angels that are attracted to various color vibrations. Use the following color chart to help nurture the attribute you wish to amplify in your life.


All clothes are blessed with Reiki and can be purchased online or at the Yoga With Shawna studio in Imerial Beach. Those clothes purchased at the studio are lightly scented with Lavender oil.

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