we are here to serve.

When you take the position as an intern or seva worker at yws the dynamic of our relationship changes. you are now a team member on yws. we work together. just like aum, we are one.

to be frank,when you are in this position,  i am not your therapist, teacher trainer leader, or friend...we are working together as a team to help the community. so you must show up as a team member: a valuable part of the team, not someone who brings the team down or is looking to take something from the team.


this is a heart centered business and so the only place you can operate from is your heart.


it is important for you to honor this position you are in. this means you must stay healthy, focused, committed, and balanced so you can contribute equally to the team. all team members must give the same. we must support one another and the movement of donation-based yoga by our actions.

this is also not a volunteer position/something to not take seriously or something you do for any self-serving reason or hidden agenda. you are here simply to make a difference. this takes hard work and following the rules of this established business. 


this oppurtunity is golden. it is rare. it is to be gifted and honored.


it is important that you are aligned with the mission statement of yws, reprsent this mission statement as a member of the team and work together for the greatest good.


the protocol set and explained in the contracts and this online orientation is not optional. it must be followed: we must all follow the same rules so everything can flow with ease and joy at the space.


you are important.

together we do something far bigger than ourselves, something important for the world.


please Read the mission below + then watch the video.


welcome to the team. it is honor to have you as a teamate. 




This is the email that is given to people who join the studio. This is the mission of YWS. This is what the YWS team represents. This is what you are agreeing to be a part of. 

The healing effects of giving back....

There is ancient yoga philosophy that (as translated by a modern-American, 30-something NJ girl) basically says:


If you don't want to be stressed about money....give. Give and give and give without reason or hidden agenda. Give to give purely from your heart. You will never have money issues or stress or feel without if you live in this way. Trust this is true.



I have built my life around this concept, and truly, it works. I used to be stressed, broke (like had to walk to work because I didn't enough money for gas broke) and worn out by money. I used to think money was evil and bad for society. I hated money and felt it was cursed.


 I started giving, without reason, just to give, and I started receiving back. My money issues went away and so did my stress.


I continued to give. Things continued to get better. 


And now, here I am today, a bank account full of numbers I never thought were possible, a studio full of people, a festival full of thousands and surrounded by so much love, health and peace daily. I have received and I know it is because of my daily give-backs. I believe life is good. 


Everyday I apply this concept: I have learned it works with everything, not just money since I don't have money issues now, and so when issues come up, all I do is give more,  and  truly all I do is get back.


I give more peace, I get more peace. 

I give more love, I get more love. 

I give more smiles, I get more smiles.


(And so is true if I give more attitude, I get more attitude; I give more anger, I get more anger; I give more fear, I get more fear, etc.)




The Yoga With Shawna studio and my entire business is built solely on GIVING. If you have been to the space, you understand this. You see, I never wanted to be a "business person": all I wanted to do was help people and feel peaceful, but I learned that I had to be in business if I wanted to help and I know I needed to get paid for this if I wanted to feel peace. 


So I did something radical, something that I am now calling a "movement": I opened a studio that operates on the generosity of others, only. My paycheck  relies on  me not telling people how much something is worth, but rather allowing others to decide.


The community decides my salary. 


I sleep easy every night because I have faith in the generous hearts of all beings. I also trust the teachings of yoga and what it has taught thousands of years of people about being generous and at peace. 





The generosity starts with me and the life I live/example I give to the world. I share this in my teachings in my yoga teacher trainings and then the ripple affects of the generosity follows to   the yoga students who then teach at the studio. Then, through the act of generously teaching for free, the costs of classes are low, and so you, the students, have a choice and the freedom to give what you want...and the generosity continues as you can then live this outside of the studio and in your own life helping others see this way as you feel more close to peace. I am sure you feel less stressed simply knowing you don't have to pay $100 a month for yoga.  



I believe not only does it change the world, being giving and serving each other is the medicine of the world.

It saves the world.


Research, doctors and scientists support this too. Do you know the more generous you are, your rate for depression decreases, your blood pressure is lowered and Harvard has even proven it lengthens your lifespan?


The doors of YOGA WITH SHAWNA not only stay open, but abundantly stay open with joy, peace, ease and positivity, because of people being giving. When people stop being giving, the space will end. I know I will never stop being giving, and so I know this studio will be open for decades and decades and decades on end...



This email is coming in your inbox today to say thank you for your generosity and also to give a big thank you to ALL of the yoga and meditation teachers and desk people who have donated their time and energy in a pure and selfless way to being a living example of GIVING back. We have had many people help since the doors opened in September.


You may not realize this, but  ALL of the yoga and meditation teachers and desk people teach or give their time for free! Someone has to fold those blankets, clean that floor, and organize the books, and our yoga/meditation teachers have to work on themselves daily so they can give you not only a class, but a darn good one that changes you in a healing way.  A lot goes into the space, and everyone does it, simple because their heart knows that in giving we receive. I, too, don't get a paycheck from teaching the classes. That money goes to nurture the space. I am paid through the trainings that happen at the studio.  



I say this is radical and a movement because what business would say "Pay-What-Y0u-Want?"

Well...not many...or..any. Ha.


You see, my rent is not donation based and I didn't go "cheap" in the design of space. The sound healing tools alone cost over $5000. I believed that if I provided the great investment in healing tools, props, oils, and made it beautiful and calming and just spent the money to make it that way  ....those who came would get the most out of it and that is what I want to offer to you and it has worked. The money spent has paid back countless ways of the healing and happiness of the people who come to the studio, especially me. 


My taxes, too, are not donation-based.

I am not a nonprofit.

I am just a woman who believes that love (which is truly another word for "giving") can pay the bills.

My accountant thinks I am crazy but I know I am sane.



The second I opened the doors of YWS I knew there were going to be many more locations one day....I know that in giving, together, we  can help as many people as possible, and I knew that this would happen as a result of the community coming together and giving together. 



The studio works on FREEDOM. You are free to choose what you want to pay ($25 minmum monthly contirubtion or $5 minmum per class. Know the more you give, the more give to the yoga community and helping help other people have affordable yoga. 





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