Peace can happen from your living room. Miracles start at home. As we move through this pandemic together, YWS is here to serve providing all sorts of offerings to help provide holistic medicine in a powerful way. We are here for you and look forward to connecting through the screen.


Join us in our Zoom studio! Take a live class with Shawna or YWS instructor! Various classes with different styles and times held throughout the week!  Classes are free for YWS monthly members + pay-what-you-can for everyone else. Please donate below before entering class.




 Missed one of our classes or want, enjoy taking recorded classes or want to re-take a class you took this week (or possibly in the prior to that) that you loved so much? We are here for you. Check out our most recent life of preciously recorded classes and workshops led by Shawna or YWS instructors.  . Free for YWS monthly members + pay-what-you-can for everyone else. Please donate below before entering class and please re-donate if you watch the class again.



 Join Shawna in a live or previously recorded plant medicine class. In this 60 minute class you will  learn all about essential oils and how to use them. Each week will cover a different topic from which oils to use for depression to beauty to money drawing!  Free for YWS monthly members + pay-what-you-can for everyone else. Please donate below before entering class.



 If you prefer to practice by yourself without a video, here are some free yoga classes you can follow. The flows provide a chant or mantra, breath work and list of poses sequenced in a way to meet a set purpose for wellness. You can print them out or simply follow along with them on your phone. If you have questions on what the poses are feel free to google them or send me an email if you have any questions.  Free for all!

Long Distance Reiki 

by appointment with Shawna + her Reiki students

Join Long Distance Reiki provides the same potent healing powers as in person Reiki: the only difference is we are not physically together! This is helpful to make sure you still get you Reiki even if you cannot physically come to the client. Energy is spaceless and timeless so being together doesn't affect the energy medicine and how it works. Reiki can be sent to anyone, anywhere, at any time and has the same success! $25, sessions are 45 minutes



by appointment, readings by Shawna

Find peace for the questions in your mind through the medicine of the ancient Tarot.  $25 for a 3-Card Reading or $40 for a full 9-Card Reading  


May 25 + June 1, 6:00 PM-9:00 PM

Get certified in Reiki Level 1 by Shawna: the same great in person class is now offered online via zoom.  $350


ONLINE 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

8-Week Journey:

every weekend July 24-Sept. 13,  Saturdays + Sundays

5-Month Journey: July 23-Nov. 22, one weekend a month, Friday nights, Saturdays + Sundays

Get certified to be a yoga teacher in this official 200 hour online yoga teacher training. Prepares you to teach online + in person. $500 scholarship options.



Purchase essential oils: theses sacred living medicines are deeply healing. Unique and rare oils along with your favorites! 

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