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NEXT COURSE:​ Saturday, April 1, 10:15-5:45 PM 


The Reiki & Energy Medicine Level 2 Certification course teaches how to use Reiki & Energy Medicine to help balance and bring energy healing to others. This course provides the opportunity to start a new business, expand the holistic  business you already have or make a difference in the world by selflessly serving others helping them find balance through the use of energy medicine. You will understand how to feel energy in others and shield/guard yourself from picking up negative  energies or vibrations of your clients that need to be released. This is profoundly powerful as you will help others create new, healthy lifestyles. You will be re-attuned to the symbols and affirmations building your reiki tool box. You will leave this course certified as an official Reiki & Energy Medicine  Level 2 Practitioner  who can give Reiki in person and remotely through long distance healings. The business and ethics behind giving Reiki will also be discussed so you graduate feeling fully supported and ready to give Reiki to not only yourself but the world. 

This course is comprised of 6 hours of coursework, a minimum 6-10 hours of study hall  and 8 hours of an online internship where you will give + receive energy healing. 


TOPICS COVERED: The training will cover how to give Reiki + Energy medicine to other people + animals while discussing how to protect yourself energetically + go deeper with the medicine of Reiki + Energy Work. 

WHO SHOULD ENROLL:  This training is open to anyone who has ben certified in Level 1 Reiki. You do not need to bee a student of Yoga With Shawna's although it is helpful to go through her Level 1 course even if you have been previously certified. 


Feeling and Seeing Energy

Includes energy games in which you can feel, see and describe the energies around you with your eyes closed. Dissects readings energy and the different "claries."


Shielding Yourself

Includes the importance of shielding yourself when giving a session. Explains strategies and techniques to block unwanted vibrations from coming into your energy field.  

Giving Reiki To Others

Includes hands on explanation and experimentation with giving Reiki to others using various Reiki techniques. 


Long Distance Healing

Explains how to give reiki remotely to people and places throughout the world.  


Business and Ethics of Reiki

Explains how to ethically and righteously run a successful Reiki business free from blockages so prosperity can be attracted into your life. 



After the course work is completed, the certification is awarded after completing 6 hours of study hall + 10 hours of online internship where you give + receive Reiki. 


Attunement Ceremony

In this traditional ceremony, you will be united with Reiki and the power o Reiki within your hands will be "turned on" to help heal others. 


$499 (Earlybird)


Extended payment plans available.

Manual not included in tuition price. 

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