This training will be offered via Zoom and provide the same, deep and profound healing and certification the in-person class would have.  PLUS, enrolled students will also get to take the in-person version of this class as well for FREE so those enrolling in this special quarantined version  will get the medicine of Reiki to use for self healing now (when it is very important to have) and also get to re-take the class when the studio opens back up again (date to be determined). Investment is $350 and includes both 6 hours courses (valued at $700), a Reiki present (mailed to you), one long distance Reiki session completed by Shawna, one in person reiki session completed when the Reiki Clinic re-opens  and the official certification.Course work includes understanding your energy body and the chakras, Reiki and its history, and how to give Reiki + Energy healing to one's self including color therapy, essential oils, sound healing and diet, along with a 21-day energy cleanse. Students can come in for their in-person Reiki Clinic healing and take the in-person version of Level 1 anytime it is offered in 2020-2022 so you if you are not local to San Diego, you can come visit one day! This an optional and not needed. Shawna wanted to give this gift of over $1000 worth  of education, here to serve you in your time of need.  We are stronger together!  

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