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Nature speaks to those who listen. This 3 Level Certification course in Medicinal Aromatherapy + Herb Use focuses on listening. The coursework is an 18-week journey where we will sit with the plants and trees and talk to them: they  have a story to tell, a message to help us here on Earth to live, grow and heal. We will use their medicine to hear their stories and understand how they serve us. 

Like an onion, each of the 3 Levels of the course work peel back the layers of the divine simplicity yet power of plants as medicine. In the same, the coursework peels back layers of your soul and entire being as you work with these sacred teachers. 

The course asks you to tap into the subtle energy of the plants and  explore the effects of plant medicine on your mind, body and soul. From this place, you will be able to become friends with the plants and trees and co-exist with them through wisdom to use them for your own healing.

As the coursework progresses,  you will not simply understand how to use aromatherapy for your own healing: you will become deeply connected to the sacredness that is plant medicine and develop a respectful, safe and meaningful relationship with the plants and trees to help expand yourself and others. 

You need not take all three levels and can stop and start as you feel called. The levels do need to be taken order as each level peels back more layers and asks you to go deeper as you immerse yourself with the plants. Each level will teach you how to use aromatherapy and herbs for yourself and others. Each course provides an official certification and 30-hours of continuing education through the Yoga Alliance.

  • Small class size: This training is open to a limited number of people to offer safe social distancing (for in person trainings) and also so the students get optimal attention. 

  • Consulting  Experience Upon Graduation of. Level 2 and. 3: Online + in person internship opportunities available at YWS. Not only will this provide extended growth and mentorship experience while giving back to the community it provides you experience for your resume in a well established, 5-star rated, voted "Best of" Yoga Studios in various publications. 

  • Extended Payment Plans: Aside from the offered flexible payment plan options, YWS is offering an  extended payment plan to help for this specific training if money is an issue for payments as low as $350 a month for 3 months (after $350 deposit). 




$350 deposit + 

2 Payments of $425 by graduation


3 payments of $350   for 3 months 


or Earlybird pricing: pay $658 by first day of school (after deposit paid) 

  • $350 deposit reserves your spot + is applied to full payment

  • This is the payment for Level 1 only. Level 2 and 3 payments will be discussed in class. 

  • Extra fees include 2 manuals +  you will need to work with at least  one bottle of essential oil. Plan to invest in various plant medicines. 

  • Online Trainings only: There is an additional fee of $55 for a 50 tester pack to experience the oils from home. Price includes oils + shipping. 




Level 1: In this course you will gain a solid foundation of aromatherapy and introduction to herb use. You will interact with over 80 essential oils hearing their stories and seeing how they speak to you as teachers. We will meditate with the plants and understand how they serve us. The course discusses safety and plant medicine, self responsibility and wisdom with plant use, how aromatherapy is made and used, various application methods and the understanding of the plant systems and body systems. You will learn how to make medicine for yourself and help guide others in choosing what essential oils and herbs can be a good fit for them. Graduates receive 8% off essential oils purchased through the studio.

This class is offered Jan. 30-March 13, Mondays, 6-8:30 PM PST


Level 2:  In this course we build on the foundation that was built in Level 1 and go deeper with the consciousness of plants. Here you will engage with about 50  essential oils, many of which are rare and not commonly heard of through the general public. These are not the aromatherapy bottles you can purchase  at a grocery store. We will meditate and work with them to hear their messages. We will go deep with the frequency of the plants. These are sacred plants and trees that speak to the depths of our makeup. The course will also cover the chakras and using essential oils for chakra health. You will tap deeper into making aromatherapy  medicines, sacred anointing, dowsing and tapping into the energy of plants for others and dried teas. You will further your knowledge of applicational methods and how plants work in comparison to man-made medicines. We will cover common ailments like depression, anxiety, weight loss, immune disorders, and respiratory health along with tapping into using essential oils for beauty and emotional health. Graduates  will  receive a  discount of 12% off essential oils purchased through the studio. 


Level 3: This is an internship experience where you begin to master the art of making plant medicine from herbs and aromatherapy, work one-on-one with clients and small groups and get your hands dirty in the YWS garden as you collect, dry and use herbs or make herb medicines for others. This is an interactive course where most of the hours can be set at your own pace and you learn from doing and serving others. This course also provides the opportunity to begin to build your own business as you can become a distributor of essential oils and gain an additional certification as a Wisdom of the Earth Aromatherapist. When you become WOTE certified in addition to YWS certified you will receive 22% of all oils you purchase at the studio and can sell the oils for profit.

Making Medicine + Tea Ceremonies Certification: This certification teaches you how to make medicines including sprays  and blends  in alignment with the moon and planetary happenings. You will learn different plant medicine combinations to help balance  different imbalances including pain management, chakra balancing, emotional balance and mental imbalances: examples of medicines include tinctures for love, depression, anxiety, fear, etc. You will learn special recipes and be guided on how to create your own using the wisdom of the plants and trees. You will also participate in weekly tea ceremonies where you will learn the medicinal benefits of different teas and tonics and how to lead tea ceremonies for others. This is a very sacred and connected certification course that allows you to embody the plants and trees and their wisdom and pass it on to others.

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