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The Day My Crystal Turned Into Something Else

He’s the type of man that you’d literally write a letter of reference for to any future girl he dated. I’m the type of girl that would author that letter of reference, if it turned out that way. For when you are in alignment, at peace with yourself and open to the connectednesss and pureness that is the vibration of love, you know like vibrations hold each other close. No letter of reference needed.

The first time he kissed me, the wrinkle in my forehead deepened.

What was that? I thought. My heart and brain and body didn’t really know what was happening because this kiss was not like anything I have ever felt. It wasn’t a love-story-taylor-swift-will-whine-about-it-in-a-pop-love-song-gone-wrong-kiss. It was not “good.” For me, I felt like there wasn’t an adjective to describe it. It was something that couldn’t be categorized. Naturally, perplexed, I kissed him over and over again. I wanted to know more.

This is not a blog about a love story. This is a blog about a shift in vibrations.

Everything in life is vibration: we (our body, mind..everything that is us) is made up of dense vibrations of particles. Life is constant change. This is because we are made of vibrations, and it is the job of vibrations to change. In fact, vibrations can never be destroyed. They can only be transmuted: shifted to something else. From this scientific fact, you can say that science supports the fact that you--all of your vibrations--everything that makes you-- will never die. You will only shift, so from this perspective, we are immortal.

Every day I get clear examples from “God” (or whatever name you want to use to reference the vibration of a higher power) that both question and deepen my spirituality. I believe in order to find peace of mind, you must have faith. I believed this before I understood that I was simply made of vibrations and this choice enables transmutation: you see, you can move to a lower vibration to a higher vibration through a single change of thought. If I choose faith, the vibration of fear must go away.

The day I met this man, my spirituality deepened; as my human ego took over, my spirituality was questioned: the reality of our relationship is this: I met a mind-blowing man who lives in a different state, and sadly, before I could even understand the first kiss we had, he was on a plane back to a different town.

Like vibrations attract like vibrations, though, so like magnets, we stuck together. 3-hour-a-night skype conversations and plane ride after plane ride, made the distance not seem so long. Every time we left each other, my spirituality told me: the heart knows no distance but my human ego told me: this isn’t right and this isn’t fair and I miss this man terribly.

As a girl who vibes with vibrations, I dissected the situation: I met this great man, and he lived in Texas, so I knew, if I couldn’t be around him every day, I needed to do something to make me feel his vibration, so I did what any “normal” yoga girl would do: I built an altar.

For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s basically a shrine honoring what you want to celebrate, send gratitude to, pray for or even attract in your life. It’s a place to put the vibrations of what you want so when you are around the altar, you feel and become connected to it. The altar I made was simple: John would seem to accidentally leave his stubs from his plane tickets on my dresser, so I stacked them up, put a few crystals and a little statue that symbolically represented love to me.

I am not this renowned, perfect, can perfectly stomach and trust everything in my life woman. I am girl who is working towards controlling my emotions, connecting with my spirituality, and remembering that peace is my birthright and that should rein true for every second of my life. I am a spiritual human: so sure, things have been easier than they were when I didn’t have the vibration of faith, but I am still full of errors and confusions.

I have never been in a long distance relationship before. Anyone who has ever dated me has known, if you want to love me, I need a lot of attention: I need a lot of touch and hugs and kisses and compliments and I need you around me as often as possible. This may or may not be healthy, but this is what it is. Having a long distance relationship has taught me many things, one of which was patience (which up until now, I was never a patient person), so sometimes things were not always conscious and rainbows and butterflies in my relationship with this man.

Then, one day, I became aware that I shifted vibrations...

I woke up,-perfectly enough, the day when John was flying in as he had bought a ticket to come out and see me last minute. I looked over to my altar and I saw something real fuzzy! . Perplexed (getting that same feeling I got when me and John had our first kiss) I had no idea what this thing was: I realized that my crystal had grown some sort of fuzzy, white hair on it. I actually thought it was mold but then I did some research.

On my altar, I put three, clear crystal quartzes. Clear quartz is common in my home: I literally buy 10lb bags of it at a time and stick it anywhere I feel needs a cleaning. I often give them out to people and I even wear them. They are a power stone.

Clear quartz is the ultimate crystal for removing blockages; it pushes away any bad energy and keeps the energy around it nice and clean. This allows things to flow. These crystals are perfect for when you need to remove that negative stuff you consciously know you don’t want around you or to be, but don’t know how to do it.

Because this crystal is clear, it holds all colors (all vibrations) of the universe in it and so it will bring you in alignment and give you whatever you need. Because I hadn’t been in a serious relationship in a while and my heart was missing this man often, I knew I needed a lot of clear quartz on this altar: I intentionally put it there to release my blockages and the blurriness I sometimes feel that hold me back from being my best self that could negatively affect this relationship. Because I am so grateful for this man: he is a miracle in my life, I loaded up the clear quartz.

At first, I thought it was a bad sign that something on my altar shifted: this is the vibration of fear at the sight of something different. Then I found out that the unthinkable happened: one of my clear quartz CHANGED. It grew into something else. Just by sitting on my altar and feeling my vibration, and the vibration of this relationship from my heart, it altered. Just like a human can change from a anxious person to a peaceful person based on the environment, my crystal changed from a clear stone that removes blockages to a completely different crystal: a crystal called Okenite.

Okenite is crystal that is the vibration of the “warm and fuzzy” feeling you get when you feel that you belong (hence the fuzzies on the outside of the stone). It is the vibration of comfort. It breaks bad habits, helps bring truth and encourages forgiveness. It is a crystal connected to the soul, higher spirituality and purpose and helps you see the bigger picture/accept life’s experiences from a soul purpose.

This vibration is exactly what me and John’s relationship is. He gives me the warm and fuzzies. I’ve never felt more comfortable to experience my truth, learn to forgive myself for the hang ups I have in relationships and forgive him for his, and have worked hard to see the bigger picture when I’m not with him. This relationship has introduced me to my soul in a new way: it has brought me purity.

And get this! This stone is very responsible for helping ease stomach-aches and every time I bring John to the airport, my stomach hurts.

For the skeptics out there:

This is not science. This is not voo-doo. This is not magic. This is life: everything and anything can shift based upon its surroundings (this is why so many of us “turn into our mothers”).

Me and John’s love shifted a vibration to create something new to physically assist me in this relationship.

How did this happen? Like most changes happen: purely but unintentionally. Prior to the shift, every time I looked at my dresser and that altar, I thought of him and us and the adventure and beauty that is our relationship. I would look at John’s full name written on the plane tickets, or look at the crystals and smile, knowing he would come back soon. My heart would feel full of gratitude and stay that way throughout the rest of the day just feeling him and all that the altar represented. I would thank the clear quartz for helping remove any blockages around our relationship and have faith that we would be together soon and that he was the right man for me.

The altar became equivalent to the feeling I would get when I would first wake up in the morning and he’d be next to me. They say the first thing you see when you wake up should be the most beautiful thing in the world: when he’s not in bed with me, my eyes would open and look at the altar which is the vibrational representation of the beauty of this relationship I get to experience in this moment right now. This would shift my lonely vibration to that of pure love.

It is easy to shift things in our mental world and much harder to shift things in the physical world. What I mean by this is this: Say you want to turn a pen into a car; if you think about, picturing a pen turning into a car, it’s easy. Close your eyes, picture a pen and then see it turn into a car. However, to do this physically, it seems nearly impossible. It takes a lot of energy and transmutation to physically turn a pen into a car. My crystal did that: it turned from one thing into another thing physically based on the power of the vibration of love.

I am writing this long blog to show that: I realized I had, he had, we had, changed our vibrations simply through being together even if we weren’t physically together. This is the power of love. Please know, LOVE CAN CHANGE ANYTHING (Today I believe if you love a pen so much, it’ll change to a car..!)

The world (or your world) may feel intense right now. Know that everything changes and you can shift vibrations at any time. Honor that it is easier to do this mentally than physically, but my crystal proves both can be done and the most potent way to do so is on the vibration of love.

If you are feeling uninspired in your life, please know that life is so much more than we can see.

We live in a world where rocks are alive. Crystals breathe and feel and shift.

We live in a world that is full of so much vastness: everything is alive and moving: everything: things that are breathing and have eyes and things that are stagnant and seem like they are dead they are alive.

We live in a world where Love is real. Miracles happen. Love can give you anything and everything you need.

Most importantly, please know the vibration of love is not something you can only get from a relationship or another person. Open your heart to find the love within: your vibration will shift and radical transformations will be made. The most epic love will be attracted right to your vibe when you are in this state.

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