Nama-Stoked in San Diego

April 13, 2018

As the sun set over the Pacific Ocean, some 400 yogis gathered on the cool sand overlooking the surf for a singular purpose; to set a Guinness Book World Record for the largest collective Om circle in the world. For 25 minutes we sat, facing each other, facing the ocean, facing the sky and gave our vibration to the collective. Maybe you watched our Instagram live story of the event, but nothing could compare to the presence of being there in that moment. At the end of the 108 oms something truly magical happened. Maybe it was just the carry-over of vibration, or our mind that was yearning for more, but when the last om was chanted, the ocean seemed to throw the vibration back to us, like it was oming along for a few more rounds. It was palpable, it was powerful, it was oneness. It was also the end of the amazing San Diego Yoga Festival down on the last beach of Southern California. 

The vibe of the whole weekend was nama-stoked. Founder Shawna Schenk said that this word embodied the laid-back atmosphere of San Diego with the chill vibes of doing yoga on the beach. In full respect to the border and the political climate, Shawna included Spanish- English Vinyasa classes and a meditative walk to the USA-Mexico border. The last yoga class of the event featured translator Karla Rodas and about 100 Spanish speaking yogis. Shawna spoke about coming together as community and caring for our neighbors and Karla lovingly translated both the message and the flow. 

Meet Trailbrazer Shawna Schenk in SD Voyager

March 26, 2018

Today we’d like to introduce you to Shawna Schenk.


Thanks for sharing your story with us Shawna. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.


Crazy anxious, out of my mind, I started taking anti-depressants to control the fear. Frazzled knowing there had to be something more, I googled, “yoga” on the internet to find an 85-year old yogi from India offering classes two blocks from my home. Being there was not much holistic health in NJ at that time and the only yoga I knew of, as offered once at a week at a gym, I knew this experience was part of my destiny.

Nama-stoked for San Diego Yoga Festival

January 23, 2018

What was the spark of inspiration for the San Diego Yoga Festival?
The festival came to me 3 years ago during a deep meditation I had. I had no intention at that time to create a yoga festival. I was meditating at another yoga festival, the Sedona Yoga Festival, where I was teaching. I attended a drum meditation class, and I was tired from teaching all day and I was stoked to just lay there and let the sound heal me. The sound of the drums was so powerful that before I knew it I was in a trance. To this day I can affirm that that was the most potent meditation of my entire life. I saw the flower of life, I got answers to many things that were hanging around in my brain and my soul, I saw past lives and spirit animals and colors, it was a meditation orgasm. And then in one part of the meditation I had a very clear message that I needed to bring San Diego Yoga Festival to fruition. Before that we didn’t have a yoga festival in San Diego and I am a yoga teacher in San Diego, I have my own business Yoga with Shawna, and the meditation was clear that I was the person to do it and I saw exactly how it needed to be done. That was 3 years ago and as soon as I got home from that trip I started planning and the first yoga festival happened last year in January 2017. Now we are in our second year. Our first year was super successful, we had over a thousand people and a hundred classes and we featured teachers from throughout San Diego and throughout the world actually. Last year we had the youngest yoga teacher, she was 8, and the oldest yoga teacher, he was in his 90s teaching as well. We are stoked to be in our second year because we know that it will be even more magical.

Founder of SDYF gives run-down of the event

January 23, 2018

Shawna Schenk and I have a chat about what to expect at the San Diego Yoga Festival. This festival is going to be awesome!!

Episode 27 on Yogi Tones Podcast

May 15, 2017

Check out Shawna in a 45 minute podcast talking about the value of the yoga medicine on the epic podcast, Yogi Tones. 

5Q for DTO

January 06, 2017

1.) Tell me about your personal journey with yoga. Why is it important to you?

Yoga is medicine: it is what I chose when I was anixious out of my mind and put on anti-depresants. It is the “pill” I pop now to keep my off the anit-depressants. I found it when I was desperate, and now I cherish it every day: It is not stretch pants and headstands: it is a life stye, something I do every second of my life: striving to be in the NOW grateful for the second that is the gift in which I get to live.

I thank the stars every day that the yoga has stood the test of time and has been passed down lifetime to lifetime and ended up in my life.

Conscious Gathering: An Interview With the Founder of SDYF

December 14, 2016

During one of the best meditations of her life, Shawna Schenk had an epiphany; she wanted to start a yoga festival in San Diego. A few months and hundreds of emails, lists and preparations later, her vision is becoming a reality. San Diego Yoga Festival kicks off January 27, 2017. During this 4-day event, attendees will be able to take classes from nearly all yoga practices including yoga for kids (taught by some adorable 8 year olds), Vinyasa, Hatha, Acro-Yoga, Paddleboard yoga and so much more. There will also be music lessons, an art shop and many of the classes will be taught on sunset cliffs, overlooking the ocean. Attendees will have all the yoga their hearts desire, but it will also be an adventure. One of the founders, Shawna Schenk took some time out of her busy day to share with us the creation of this unique experience.  

San Diego Yoga Festival 2017

October 18, 2016

As founder of San Diego Yoga Festival, Shawna was interviewed in the popular yoga blog, One With Life. 

Glowga: Shining Yoga

February 12, 2015

Shawna's signature class, Glowga, black light yoga was featured in Motovaded Magazine. 

"This class illuminates the self. It's a blast: we paint ourselves in (nontoxic) black light paint, write our mantras on the wall in the paint and then turn on the blacklights. Here, with binerary beats, we move to see our selves in a new light: a space of darkness illuminated by colors and inspiration. It is fun, but it is so much more than's insight to the soul. What can see when you "turn off" the lights? What shines within?"

It's a Yoga Thing

Featured in Motivaded Magazine, Shawna shares her story and connection on what brought her to the mat. 

"Yoga is the medicine that got me to see my soul. To understand that fear is an illusion and that I didn't have o be an anxious person trapped in my body. The yoga taught me to respect my mind and body and see me for what I am: a human learning how to live in pure love."

Ocean Beach Transforming with San Diego Yoga Festival

September 15, 2016

A year and a half ago, Sgt. Dave Yu of SDPD’s Western Division made it his mission to bring OB back to the people.

He patrolled the area and was tired of the aggressive travelers and homeless community who harassed locals for money and food and verbally assaulted them. So, he developed a team, and they’ve transformed OB into a much more peaceful, laid back, respectful environment. He’s even launched an outdoor festival featuring yoga, martial arts, cross fit, and more! Renee Kohn caught up with him to find out how one person’s passion can rebrand an entire community.

Chakra Camp Featured in LA Yoga

Shawna's vision brought to action: Chakra Camp, a two-day camp-out offering 7 classes all targeted to healing the 7 chakras individually, was featured along side big name festivals occurring throughout country as a "featured festival" in the "most go to" section. 

"Believe in your visions. Let them become reality and see them be supported."

5 Reason's Tweens Should Do Yoga

The benefits of yoga are well known so it only makes sense that the occasional downward facing dog might do a teen or tween a world of good. In fact, yoga helps this age group cope with a number of issues as well as keep them focused on schoolwork.

For the times that it might be hard to motivate your teen into workout gear and out of the house, Shawna of now Yoga With Shawna is featured with the solution in this article. 

Police and Yogis Have the Same Idea: Bring a Yoga Fesival to OB

September 09, 2016

 Melanie Williams (Tri-power Yoga) and Shawna Schenk (Yoga with Shawna) received a grant from the Ocean Beach Town Council on July 27 to support their vision — and Sgt. Yu’s — of a better Ocean Beach.

"It's going to be January 27–29. We’ll have 20 concurrent yoga classes going on over the course of the weekend and we just got our permit — permit pending — to do the largest yoga class on the O.B. Pier.”

Both indoor and outdoor classes will be held, with many local businesses partaking, not just yoga studios.

Chakra Camp Pre-Party

Chakra Camp pre-party brought so much awareness and fun at Trilogy Studio. The free event open to the public featured the event's teachers, partners and sponsors and raffled tickets away to Chakra Camp. 



"Here we had special acro-performances, yoga samba dance, aerial yoga, and yummy chakra snacks and drinks all giving a sneak peak on what was to come for this event. We ended the night with Kirtan singing and chanting under the moon. We are so excited for this event under the stars and to spend 2 days together."

Chakra Camp

Learn what Chakra Camp is, how it started, and how it changed the life of others as Shawna is featured in Motovaded Magazine discussing how she came up with Chakra Camp and what the result of it was based on her hard work. 

Wild Wisdom: Shawna Schenk with Yoga and Reiki

Shawna Schenk, a San Diego Yoga Instructor, shares her yoga journey and how she incorporates reiki energy healing in her teachings and practice.

Hello West Coast: We are here for you!

Taviti lists California's best teachers and it's no surprise that Shawna makes the list. 

Shawna Schenk on Yoga

"Yoga enables change. It enables prosperity. It enables experimentation, challenges, playfulness and growth. These attributes have been a powerful part in changing Shawna's practice teaching snad life throughout her yogic journey..

Thrive At Any Age Submit: Meet the Experts: Shawna Schenk

Shawna was featured as an expert speaker at the Thrive at Any Age Submit. 

Top Ten Blogs on Mercury Retrogeade

Shawna's "5 Planets Walk Into a Bar" was listed as one of the top 10 blogs on Mercury Retrograde.

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