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7 Set Chakra Crystal Bowls

7 Set Chakra Crystal Bowls


This sacred set of 7 crystal bowls includes 7 bowls in different sizes (from 6 inch to 12 inch). Each bowl helps brings healing to one of each of the 7 chakras. This is a full balancing chakra set worth over $2000. 



Root Chakra bowl for grounding, abundance and family/work balance

Sacral Chakra bowl for flow, relationship bliss and creativity

Solar Plexus bowl for confidence, strength and willpower

Heart Chakra bowl for love, compassion and forgiveness

Throat Chakra bowl for expression, truth, and honesty

Third Eye bowl for trust

Crown Chakra bowl for faith and hope


Made from 99.99% Clear Quartz

Includes Mallets + Rings


Blessed by Shawna with Reiki 

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