Basics of Aromatherapy Kit

Basics of Aromatherapy Kit


This introductory kit provides the basics on aromatherapy including three “must have” essential oils to teach you how to use the oils and work as a foundation for building your collection along with guidance on what essential oils are and how to use them. 


You will get:

  • Three 15 ml essential oils that are very vertisle and help with countless aliments physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally addressing everything from pain relief, anxiety detox and mood balancing among many  others! Note: These three plants are chosen by Shawna based on her tapping into your energy and talking to the plants to see which three would be best for you and your growth and wellness 

  • A 20 minute instructional video by Shawna on the 101 of essential oils and how to use them and what plant part what these three oils are, how they help and what they work with 

  • A special bonus mantra given to you (from the plants) to recite when using the oils (if you wish!) 

  • 10% discount when reordering this kit or general discounts when re-ordering any of the essential oils by themselves without the kit! 

  • What specific oils are they?

    The aromatherapy kits are experiences and so we build them based upon each unique energy from who orders from us, so we cannot tell you what specifically is in the kit: trust you will get exactly what you need  as Shawna taps into your energy and talks to the plants to see what is best for you but this kit provides an essential oil from a flower, a leaf, and a citrus!

    We will contact you to ensure you do not have any allergies or do not already have the plants in the kit from the specific company we used. Feel free to directly email with any questions:



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