Beauty Kit: Facial with Essential Oils

Beauty Kit: Facial with Essential Oils


This special kit is a super healthy and sacred way to honor your beauty inside and out. With these items you can give yourself a plant medicine facial every day from the ease of your home. 


 It includes four facial beauty secrets completely pure to keep the face healthy, clean, fight wrinkles and other facial issues and illuminate your inner and outer beauty. This kit makes your face glow. 


Specifically, you will get:

  • 2 15 ml essential oil to be used on your face to illuminate beauty

  • 1 15 ml oill to help under eyes 

  • 1 jar of Rose Hip Seeds to exfoliate your face (you literally will wash your face with the seeds of roses!)

  • 1 hydrosol spray to use as a toner or create a beauty drink

  • A step by step how to video on how to use these plants in a daily facial ritual 

  • A channeled mantra from Shawna individually for you based on your energy to you to help you always feel beautiful, inside and out. 


  • What plant medicine is in this kit?

    Rose Hip Seeds, Rose Hip Oil, Cucumber Oil, Helichrysum Hydrosol, Geranium 

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