Coastal Redwood Hydrosol


"ne of my beautiful students in California has had a dream of supplying her products to Wisdom of the Earth, and we are excited to make that dream a reality! She was granted the right to harvest a stand of Sequoia sempervirens located at the head of the Eel river in Northern California, and because the tree yields so little oil via the distillation process, she is mainly producing the hydrolat from the cook. Like many of the conifer hydrolats, you get less of the aroma than you do the powerful energy of the tree. The Redwood Hydrolat conveys such a feeling of cosmic perspective and deep wisdom. As John Steinbeck said, "The redwoods, once seen, leave a vision that stays with you always." This is true of our Costal Redwood, as well. To give you as sense of Kelley's connection with the giant trees she so lovingly harvests, here is what she wrote to me about the Hydrolat: "To me, the Redwood hydrolat is just like the mixture of ocean spray and morning dew on the canopy, mixed with sunshine and starshine." Important, especially during this time on Earth, she also observed "The hydrolat supports the respiratory system - releases grief from lungs and enCOURAGEs harmony between heart, lungs and kidneys. North America's largest 'lungs'""

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