Copper Cup

Copper Cup



Dry Brushing is a sacred Ayurvedic ritual from ancient times that involves rubbing a dry brush in circular motions directly on the skin (without water) to help circulation and let the body breath. The skin is the largest organ (aside from the facia) and so it is responsible for the majority of our body’s detoxification. Dry brushing aids your body in detoxing (and from a spiritual perspective helps us to let go). Dry brushing helps you breath. The health benefits of dry brushing are many including de-aging the skin and improving the health of the body’s overall wellness. 


This brush is made with natural bristles to help the body feel connected to nature. 


Use this dry brush any way you would a traditional dry brush but the YWS suggestion is to Dry Brush while chanting AUM then massage the skin with a dosha balancing then take a shower. Be sure to dry brush to the direction of your heart and please do not dry brush the face. 


Drinking from a copper cup is a sacred Ayurvedic ritual that balances the central nervous system helping to invite calm and peace to the mind and body. According to this tradition, drinking copper rich water  on an empty stomach first thing in the morning helps balance all three doshas. Placing water in a copper vessel an drinking the water inside of it  is one  the quickest and easiest ways  t supply the body with copper which it tends to lack largely in the modern world. Lack of copper in the body results in various issues including mental and physical imbalances.  


Use this copper cup as recommended by Ayurveda or the way your intuition is guiding you; the  YWS suggestion is to place the copper cup full  with water  on a windowsill at night time so it is blessed by the moon. Sent an intention or say a positive affirmation over the water. When you wake up, mindfully drink the copper rich water that is blessed by your affirmation and the sacred energy of the moon. 


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