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Depression Fighting Kit

Depression Fighting Kit


Shawna has also successfully used plant medicine to combat and beat her depression and knows the power of these plants. This powerful kit is supported by research to help fight depression and keep the brain healthy and balanced. It includes:


  • 3 different bottles of essential oils scientifically proven to help fight depression

  • An instructional video by Shawna on what these  oils are, how to use them and how they can help with depression

  • A personal Reiki Blessing + channeled message with a mantra from Shawna specifically for you to help you overcome your depression

  • Discounts on reordering this kit

  • What oil is in this kit?

    The aromatherapy kits are experiences and so we build them based upon each unique energy from who orders from us, so we cannot tell you what specifically is in the kit: trust you will get exactly what you need but this kit provides an essential oil from a flower, a seed and citrus. 

    We will contact you to ensure you do not have allergies or do not already have the plants in the kit from the specific company we used. Feel free to directly email with any questions:


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