Dried Herb: Lemon Grass

Dried Herb: Lemon Grass


Grown with love, more than organic, these herbs come from Shawna's sacred garden. 

Use to cook with, drink tea with or ritualistically, Lemon Grass is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory.  Lemon Grass balances the blood and aids digestion. She is wonderful at teaching boundaries, said to heal "spiritaul blindness", activate the third eye and open the heart chakra. She is known for dispeling darkness and attracting light and positivity. She protects the aura. 



When you place your order, Shawna goes to the sacred garden and harvest the herb for you. Each bag or bundle is blessed with Reiki, infused with sound healing and set on a crystal grid to absorb the highest viberations! It is then sent to you. The herbs are picked fresh and will dry with you. You can use them both in fresh and dried (and partially dried state). This is them at one of their highest. viberations.



These herbs come with a sacred affirmation too, to keep you connected to their healing properities.


Limited edition/availability. 

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