Dry Brush

Dry Brush



Dry Brushing is a sacred Ayurvedic ritual from ancient times that involves rubbing a dry brush in circular motions directly on the skin (without water) to help circulation and let the body breath. The skin is the largest organ (aside from the facia) and so it is responsible for the majority of our body’s detoxification. Dry brushing aids your body in detoxing (and from a spiritual perspective helps us to let go). Dry brushing helps you breath. The health benefits of dry brushing are many including de-aging the skin and improving the health of the body’s overall wellness. 


This brush is made with natural bristles to help the body feel connected to nature. 


Use this dry brush any way you would a traditional dry brush but the YWS suggestion is to Dry Brush while chanting AUM then massage the skin with a dosha balancing then take a shower. Be sure to dry brush to the direction of your heart and please do not dry brush the face.


Avialbe in small mit size or full brush. 

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