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Fir (Balsam)

Fir (Balsam)


Abies balsamea (Canada)  Facilitates & Helps with muscle & joint pain, anti-viral/cancer, strep & staph, bronchitis,  sinusitis, adrenal support.  Calms in a grounding & centering way…not sedating.  Soft and sweet.


Dosha(s): Kapha


About the Farmers:  This sacred medicine comes from Native Americans in Canada: a man and wife team who honor greatly the Earth: the man is a sub-cheif of the Abenaki Tribe and the woman is a medicine woman in the Micmac-Pawnee Tribe. They deeply honor the life-giving properties of medicinal plants and bring this respect and gratitude to their distillation process.  They wildcraft in the dense forrest and ask the trees for premission and to tell them how to provide the medicine. They distill in ceremony…drumming and praying during the process and giving thanks to the beautiful trees who share their medicine with us as she is made until an essential oil. 

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