Full Moon Healing Spray

Full Moon Healing Spray


The full moon is a time to be celebrated! It is also a time of high emotions! This sacred bottle of energy is created  personally for you: Shawna will tap into your energy and see what essential oil(s) your body, mind and/or spirit is calling for and make a special spray for you. 


This spray is made of a high grade essential oil(s) destined for you during this time along with high frequency water blessed in a crystal bowl, infused with sound healing! A small crystal will be placed in each bottle and then an affirmation or chant will be given to the bottle. 


The bottle, then, will be left out under the full moon for a full moon blessing. 


You will recieve an email discussing what plant(s), sound healing crystal bowl and crystal was infused, along with chant or mantra, and how this personal moon medicine was made to help you. 


This is a spray so you can spray on you or around you/your things.  You can also take internally (spray in your mouth) or on your skin. It benefits your emotional, phsyical, mental, spiritaul and energetic health. 


Get a new bottle each moon cycle!

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