Intuitive Speaking Bowl: Hand Crafted Indian Singing Bowl

Intuitive Speaking Bowl: Hand Crafted Indian Singing Bowl



This bowl awakens the intuition to allow communication to flow with ease and grace. It teaches us to speak with our intuitive heart and helps us release over-thinking, shyness or other blockages that hold us from really expressing ourself. This bowls aids listening and hearing with intuition and spiritual guidance. It helps the listener realize that communication is a means to tangibly express our inner self: sometimes when we try to express ourself,  things get lost in translation and we feel misunderstood: this bowls helps us to hear others for who and what they are and speak what   is inside through love, truth and grace.


This bowl is blessed with the color therapy of turquoise allowing to bring awakening to our throat chakra helping the listener to be a better listener and communicator.   The bowl is tuned to the throat chakra further amplifying truth and expression. 



This bowl is hand crafted in India from an aluminum blend.This bowl was hand selected by Shawna  and has its   own unique design and energy: there is not another bowl like this. It is completely unique and  one-of-a-kind.


Special Note: Due to the uniqueness of this Hand-Crafted Singing Bowl, there may be small irregularities in the finish: this is   considered to be the bowl's birth marks. This in no way affects the beautiful sound of the singing bowl and reminds us of the purity and imperfections of hand crafted work. 



8 Inches. Mallet included

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