Lavender (Highland 1600m, Wildcrafted, FR)

Lavender (Highland 1600m, Wildcrafted, FR)


Dosha(s): Vata, Pitta, Kapha


About The Farmers: Sylviane lives in a tiny village high in the mountains of Southern France. She produces the exquisite Highland Lavender from lavender hand-harvested atop Mt de Cheiron. The essence is distilled in her home, using a still that she had made according to her own specifications. The lavender is cut with a hand-held scythe, just as it was done hundreds of years ago by the peasants who provided the harvested lavender to the perfume industry in Grasse, France. Students who are studying medicinal plants and the process of distillation work for them for a few weeks each summer, personally experiencing the back-breaking, extremely demanding job of hand-cutting hundreds of pounds of lavender under the hot Provence sun.

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