Mercury Retrograde Blend, Spray or Survival Kit

Mercury Retrograde Blend, Spray or Survival Kit


Mercury Retrograde is a time in which tensions can be high and we can have issues with communication, technology, travel and matters of the mind. Mercury rules communication and the mind, so when it is retrograding, the energy on Earth can be more challenging in these areas. It is infamous for being a time where more miscommunications happen and more anxiety and depression along with tensions and stress tend to show their face. 


This special medicine is not only made to help during the time of Mercury Retrograde but it is created with the intention to make retrograde a healing and positive time where you learn to master the mind and your thoughts. 


Retrograde lasts for about 3 weeks and this bottle is created to hold you throughout this three week period.


The sacred blend is created during a time when Mercury is not retrograding, therefore the medicine is infused with the balanced energy of  the plant Mercury. It is then infused with turquoise crystals which support and heal the throat chakra and  this water or oil is then played in the Throat Chakra crystal bowl for healing. The medicine is  given Reiki and then  “frozen” (not literally, just energetically)  with various essential oils that connect with the plant Mercury. What is left is a powerfully healing medicine that holds high vibes that help remind the body, mind and soul of Mercury Alignment. 


A special blend will be made for you as Shawna taps into your energy and chooses the most accurate Mercury plant medicines (there a quite a few plants that help with this!)  to help you personally during this retrograde. The blend is infused under the moon, bathed in the sun and then chanted on a sacred crystal grid. The process to make this medicine takes 2 days. Once your medicine is made, you will then get an email explaining what is in your blend and how to use it. 


Choose from:

  • A dropper bottle made with organic grapeseed oil (to rub on the body). 
  • A spray bottle made with sacred geometry infused water (to spray on you, around you or on objects or in rooms/cars/offices, etc.)
  • A Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit that includes both the spray and   dropper bottle along with a turquoise crystal infused with Reiki for balanced and loving communication both internally (with your own thoughts) and externally with others.


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