Orgone Wand

Orgone Wand


This powerful healing tool is an orgonite wand that honors the 7 chakras. At the end of the wand is an image in copper of the Flower of Life. This tool holds the energy of inviting in infinite intelligence while calming the central nervous system and balancing the energy centers. Specifically it helps:  you to feel grounded and present (root chakra), creative and inspired (second chakra), powerful and  confident (third chakra), while opening your heart (heart chakra), adingi in your communication skills (throat chakra), awakening intuition (third  eye) and expanding your consciousness (crown chakra).   Use it for yourself or on others. Simply hold it or use to draw the Reiki symbols or cut energy cords. Orgonite 

This is a great tool for people who pick up other’s energy, especially during energy work sessions. It will provide a shield of protection and allow the Reiki to get done without exchanging unwanted energy. 


This tool has also been blessed by Shawna  with Reiki for balance of  balance, protection and guidance. 


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