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Pinon Pine (Cones Only)

Pinon Pine (Cones Only)


Pinus glauca/strobus



This is a very specialized and rare batch of oil that is distilled in Utah where only the Pine Cones are distilled. There  are no other distillers doing this because it takes time and the collection of many pine cones to make this special medicine. It is a gift of an email and provides great insight. 


Pine cones are connected to the pineal gland which is responsible for our dreams and intuition. It is a spiritual gland in the brain that helps us to TRUST and see. It is our inner mind's eye. Using this oil helps build intuition and allows us to trust. It helps us to discern between fear and trust. It allows us to trust our gut and inner knowledge. It is wonderful to use for remembering dreams, lucid dreaming. achieving your dreams and anything related to dreaming. 


With this it helps to bring a calm mind and to be clear headed.

It is not  only a pineal gland helper, and dream facilitator but provides  brain function support.


Pine codes help with sexual health especially males. Nature is always talking to us and often what something in nature looks like is what it helps. Pine codes resemble penis and help with sexual dysfunction along with just bringing people closer and expanding intimacy. 


Other benefits include: 

  • Antibacterial 

  • Antifungal

  • Anti-viral

  • Strong immune builder

  • Helps respiratory issues


This is a special batch where Shawna went to Utah and worked closely and distilled the oil with the farmer!  Although she did not distill this specific batch as it was already distilled she witnessed the distilling process and learned all about it from the farmer. The plant material was wild crafted in the local forests or collected by  finding or being given cones: these cones were specifically given from a local family who uses them as pine nuts. Once the nuts were taken, the cone was no longer needed by them: instead of wasting them, they were turned into medicine by the farmer of this special distillery.  Crystals were used in the distillation process as was positive energy, reiki, love and clear intentions for healing and well being. Each hour of distillation made 3 bottles of oil! A lot of love. time and care was put in this special batch. During her trip, the last week of January 2024, various oils were distilled and this is one of 11 that she brought back with her to share with you. It does not get any more pure than this.







General Safety Information:

Be sure to consult both a doctor and ceritfied aromotherapist on how to use this oil.  The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This information is for educational purposes only, it is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or, diagnose any disease or condition. Nor is it intended to prescribe in any way.   Keep away from eye area. Keep out of reach of children.

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