Reiki Cards


These cards were created by Shawna and work in various ways. They have the three different Reiki symbols on them and are infused with the healing power of each of the three symbols (Cho Ku Rei, Se He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen) so you can use them as flashcards (a way learn and memorize the symbols), as healing tools (where you place the cards physically on you or a client or on a Reiki or Energy Gird) to be infuse the healing power of the symbol, as Reiki art to place the cards throughout your home, car or office and allow the symbol’s power to bless the space or object or as a “third eye” game: where you can hold the card up on the “Yoga With Shawna” side and use your third eye to see what symbol is on the other side of the card. This is a way of expanding your intuition and a tool to help you expand your third eye and trust yourself with your visions.



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