Reiki + Energy Worker’s Plant Medicine Kit

Reiki + Energy Worker’s Plant Medicine Kit


This kit Includes three 15 ml essential oil bottles of three sacred plants that focus on helping keep  your energy field clean and protected allowing you to not pick up your client's energies or pass on your own energy to them, build  your intuition, keep your energy work free from ego and deepen your channeling ability. Created by one Energy Master as a “must have” for Reiki + Energy Workers 


This kit  includes:

  • 3 15 ml bottles of pure, medical essential oils that will teach Energy Works great lessons needed for this field 

  •  a video by Shawna on what these three sacred plants are and how to use them

  •  a  mantra to work with each of the bottles of plant medicine. 

  • What oil is in this kit?

    The aromatherapy kits are experiences and so we build them based upon each unique energy from who orders from us, so we cannot tell you what specifically is in the kit: trust you will get exactly what you need but this kit provides an essential oil from a flower and two trees. 

    We will contact you to ensure you do not have allergies or do not already have the plants in the kit from the specific company we used. Feel free to directly email with any questions:


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