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Reiki Tea

Reiki Tea


A special ritual:  this pack comes with 7 hand filled, hand grown, more than organic, herbal teas and one citrine crystal. Place the crystal in your mug, add hot water and steep the bag and enjoy the healing properities of this tea.  Breath in its armotherapy, while reading, having mindful thoughts or sitting out in nature. The tea was created with the intention that the drinker will recieve an energy cleanse each time he/she drinks it. 


Be sure not to drink the crystal! 


These herbs have been hand grown, harvested with love and packed into sustainable, unbleached tea bags, then infused with crystal healing for abundance, confidence and strength and then blessed with Reiki to balance the drinker's chakras. 


Pack includes 7 bags (1 reusable bag so you can keep the good vibes going even when the tea is done as the tea bag holds the Reiki blessing as well) to include for a tea drinking experience to last 7 sacred nights to honor the 7 sacred chakras.


Herbs vary based on the time of year and what is growing fresh in Shawna's garden. 

Get a season variety pack or a single herb or  herb blend. 

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