Sacred Purity Kit

Sacred Purity Kit


This deeply powerful kit must be used with great reverence. These four sacred plants honor shamanic and Native American teachings and can be used ritualistically to cleanse and purify the body, mind, spirit and also places and things.  


This highly purifying kit includes:

  • 3 sacred bottles of essential oil to be used as an energetic smudging for blessings and purity

  • 1 Hydrosol spray of a sacred plant medicine used to cleanse and purify

  • A video from Shawna on what these sacred plant teachers are and how to use them ritualistically to cleanse  yourself, others and spaces of low or negative energies in an honored and respectful way. 

  • What oil is in this kit?

    This kit contains Cedarwood, Sweetgrass, Sage, and Palo Santo 

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