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Set of 7 Crystal Bowls with Yantras

Set of 7 Crystal Bowls with Yantras


This special set of 7 crytal bowls is tuned to freqeuncy

432HZ, made from 99.9% pure quartz and provides a bowl for each of the seven chakras including a yantra (with color therapy) imprinted on each of the bowls. They are beautiful and rare, not had by every sound healer. The set is then blessed with Reiki in a sacred ritual by Shawna so your bowls are protected and bring an amplified healing experience to all who are in their presence. 


Various sizes/frosted white: 12"C 11"D 10"E 9"F 8"G 7"A 6"

Includes a Suede Stick, Rubber Mallet, and 7  O-rings

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