Spruce (Engleman, Local Wildcrafter's Boutique)

Spruce (Engleman, Local Wildcrafter's Boutique)


Spruce Engleman is from Utah. It is locally wildcrafted so its medicine is taken freely from nature.  She is rarely distilled so she is very special: a gift and a powerful offering to us!


Physically, Spruce Engleman facilitates and helps with respiratory issues, TB, flu, cancer, coughs, acne, skin wounds/infections, scurvy, and eczema.   She is a powerhouse offering much to us.


She is known to open our throat chakra and help live in alignment with our truths. She teaches how to speak our truths with love and opens your ability to communication. She is excellent "speak coach" teaching you how to talk to yourself and others with love. Communication is art and she has mastered it and will teach you her ways.


Like the other Spruces, she is excellent for pain as she has natural cortisone. Use her if your physical, emotional or mental pains come from living out of alignment with your truth.


This wildcrafted essence is a great spiritual friend. She will ground you but she will also open you up to the heavens and bring you an awareness and connection to the angels. It is a potent combination for humans: as we embrace our spirituality in our human body.  


Chakra: Root, Heart, Throat

Archangels: All

Plant Part: Needles, Branches, Resin

Planet: Communication

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