Spruce (Norway)

Spruce (Norway)


Spruce (Norway) facilitates and helps balance adrenal and thyroid functioning. She is a great friend of the endocrine system, in general, so use her if you have metabolism imbalances, thyroid problems or are overly exhausted. The endocrine system, spiritually, is considered our body’s highway to God. This plant medicine will help release blockages that arise with our spirituality.


She is a strong Spruce that supports the immune system: she is highly anti-viral and anti-bacterial and will protect you from impurities.


This Spruce knows the cold. Often times, her pine needles are holding up ice and snow.  She litearlly uplifts the snow and is strong enough to to not let it hurt or break her branches. Think about that symbolically….


She knows how to endure all things that are challenging and may burn out our inner fire. What brings a chill or coldness to our soul?  She uplifts us in the dark days. She is also great to use if you get Seasonal Depression. Spiritually, she will bring the warmth on the coldest days. She will not let your “cold” moods break you, but instead, will help uplift you.


All of the Spruces bring one of the highest levels of cortisone in the plant kingdom because they have the cortisone chemotype where natural cortisone came from. Because of this,Spruce Norway,  like the other Spruces, provide a natural option for pain and soothing aching joints. She is good for pain: physically and emotionally. Especially those pains that come with the "blues" or cold, emotional energy.  She is also said to clear any debris in the heart holding you back from seeing and being warming love. Use her when your heart feels cold.


Chakras: Heart and Root

Archangel: Raphael

Plant Part: Branches and Needles

Planet: Mercury (Communication)


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