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Spruce (Red)

Spruce (Red)


Spruce Red facilitates and helps balance the immune system.  She will help you stay or lead your body to be strong and healthy. She   is a protector and will help keep your body  free from infections: specifically she fights viral infections and bacterial infections and is anti-parasitic.


All of the Spruces bring one of the highest levels of cortisone in the plant kingdom because they have the cortisone chemotype where natural cortisone came from. Because of this, Spruce Red, like the other Spruces, provide  a natural option for pain and soothing aching joints. She is good for your pain. I specfically like to use her for root chakra pains (pains that have to do with the hips, legs, feet, knees or emotional pains associated with money issues, family problems or job problems!).


She is amazing for the  central nervous system: her grounding energy is big and will help you feel present and calm. This is because she helps you set up and walk  into your destiny.


She is a very rare Spruce to have. Her red energy brings that of great grounding presence: she helps you become clear headed and think straight so you can become in alignment with your heart's desires. She is the manifestation oil! Emotionally and spiritually, she will help you  manifest from your heart. This is because she teaches you to address and give notice to your passions and gifts. She helps you step out of the rat race/brainwashing/conditioning and follow your dreams, live your dharma and fulfill your "soul contract."


Why were you born? What is that you want to do? How can this become a reality? Use Spruce Red with intention to make all of your dreams become a reality. She will rock your root chakra bringing you into alignment with living the life you are destined to.


Chakras: Heart and Root

Archangel: Raphael

Plant Part: Branches and Needles

Planet: Mercury (Communication)

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