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Spruce (White)

Spruce (White)



Spruce White or Picea glauca (Canada) is a huge, powerful tree who will love you unconditionally and help take away your pain while igniting or further deepening your spirituality and connection to God. She will teach you to breath again as she helps with respiratory distress. She is great to use in diffuser and to steam (place a few drops in a boiling pot of water) and safely steam your face/breath in.


All of the pines bring one of the highest levels of cortisone in the plant kingdom because they have the cortisone chemotype where natural cortisone came from. Because of this, she provides a natural option for pain and  soothing aching joints. Spruce and Hemp are my top two recommendations for pain.


If she were a person, who would she be? She is a hug for those who are extremely exhausted. She will bring you a sense of relief. She is grounding, calming and encouraging. She reminds you, You can!


There are many different varieties of Spruce offered as plant medicine through Wisdom of The Earth/this online store. How is Spruce White different from the others? Why choose her of all the spruces?


She is a spruce that is highly spiritual. If you are looking to further connect your world to the high world and expand your consciousness, if you are looking to open your 7th and 8th chakras, ifyour pain or physical ailments are coming from a place of a lack or confusion of spirituality, this is a medicine for you to explore. She is sacred, pure and will connect you with the unseen/bring great expansion to your mind and soul.


Chakras: 7th + 8th

Plant Part: Branches/Needles

Planets: Mercury

He will bring "fireworks" of spirituality to your mind!



Special message about the Farmers/where this specific bottle of medicine comes from:  This sacred medicine comes from Native Americans in Canada: a man and wife team who honor greatly the Earth: the man is a sub-chief of the Abenaki Tribe and the woman is a medicine woman in the Micmac-Pawnee Tribe. They deeply honor the life-giving properties of medicinal plants and bring this respect and gratitude to their distillation process.  They wildcraft in the dense forest and ask the trees for permission and to tell them how to provide the medicine. They distill in ceremony…drumming and praying during the process and giving thanks to the beautiful trees who share their medicine with us as she is made until an essential oil.


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