Sugandha Kokila (White Cinnamon)

Sugandha Kokila (White Cinnamon)



Cinnamomum glaucescens (Nepal)  also known as White Cinnamon, is a soft, gentle cinnamon that will not burn the skin, yet has many of the properties of her spicy friend, Cinnamon Bark. She is taken from the berries of the plant (not the bark) and so she is able to teach us a softer, sweeter message on grounding and love.


Physically, like Cinnamon Bark, she is very helpful as an anti-inflammoary. She is great for the immune system is antiviral and antibacterial.  She also helps with: skin wounds & disorders, intestinal infections, muscle spasms, and heart disorders including heartburn, false angina, rapid heartbeat and heart palpitations.


She helps us honor the fruits of our labors and is a very karamic plant. She works with deep heart issues on an emotional and spiritual level.  She lets you look at the karmic ties you may have here or be aware of patterns/conditioning. What story does your heart tell that blocks you from being more and more loving? She helps us every step of the way as we become closer to our heart and further away from the stories in the head/fear. She  helps release overwhelm the heart may feel as it grows bigger and shields old patterns. She helps us step closer to love and heighten our vibration. She says, "Choose love. Leave fear. You don't need to be the pain of your past."


She is warming and when I use her I feel as if I just got a hug from a dear friend. She's got the health of our heart on her mind and wants us only to feel love and compassion. That is her mission.


Chakra(s): Heart, Crown

Plant Part: Berries

Planet:  Saturn (Karma)

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