Tansy (Blue, Moroccan)

Tansy (Blue, Moroccan)



Stare at the image of this beautiful, open flower and see how simple and complex she is. Her layers of sacred geometry are deep and vast, yet she is simple in her obvious  beauty: this is the first lesson this spirutal, third eye awakening flower energy teaches you. Tanacetum annuum (Morocco) or Tansy Blue is a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional friend on many levels. She teaches you to kow and trust the self simply and openly and from here, great healing occurs


First and foremost, she will bless you with calm energy as she facilitates and helps calm the CNS (Central Nervous System). She helps you calm down, she settles the nerves, and she helps pacify the anxiety and worry. She is sedative and will help bring you peace.


Her physical healing is vast. She is  highly anti-inflammatory, harmonizing in the blood pressure and even helps varicose veins. She’s  an antihistamine making our sensitivities stronger and calming allergies. She is known to soothe asthma attacks.  She is a thymus stimulant physically helping our immune system and emotionally helping us to step into our spiritual heart vulnerable and free releasing the walls we have built to protect ourselves.  


If you are one who has fought the battle of Cancer, she is a friend to have as she is said to help  ameliorate the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. She has been recorded to help the leukocyte count stay during chemo and radiation.


Chakras: Third Eye, Heart, Crown

Planet: Venus

Plant Parts: Flowers

ArchAngel Energy: Michael


**She is a beautiful, third eye opening navy blue in color…be careful with application to avoid staining clothing.


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