Tansy (Common)

Tansy (Common)


Tansy Wild's smell is said to "unfold" softly changing from one moment to the next, revealing her complexity and depth.  She comes from Europe (Wild Tansy comes from the USA). She is intense like Tansy Wild but more pungent: she brings a different energy as she was "raised" in a different climate and land: one in which brings an obvious and yang energy to deepen our meditations, channel and ignite the 6th and 7th chakra. She is a queen who shows you your strengths. I highly recommend this plant medicine for those energy workers/channelers who are struggling with their power. I also recommend this oil for those who question themselves, don’t trust themselves and don’t follow (or can’t hear) their intuition.   


Physically, she is anti-viral and parasitic, very inflammatory and a powerful expectorant.


Emotionally, she takes you deep helping you do the work  of living from your heart, and going layer by layer through the core issues that keep you from moving forward. She says, “Look at yourself in where you are and step up to actively change what ales you. You are powerful and strong and can do this.” Call on Tansy Common when you are stuck in the old routines and patterns: basically the carousel of pain in which we need to reprogram to stop our bad habits.


Plant Part: Flowers

Chakras: Third Eye, Crown, Heart Chakra

Planets: Venus

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