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Tea Tree (Lemon)

Tea Tree (Lemon)


Leptospermum petersonii (Australia)  or Tea Tree Lemon facilitates and helps with colds,  colds, flu, depression, herpes 1 & 2, anti-carcinogenic.  She helps alleviate vaginal discharge, UTIs, and candida infections (call or email Wisdom of the Earth directly for use information for this purpose).  


You won't believe your nose when you smell this amazing plant medicine This is not a blend but smells like tea tree and lemon were mixed together; this variety of Tea Tree has a lemony aroma and was made that way solely through the beauty of Mother Nature. She teaches the complexities and subtleness that exists within all of us. 


Calming to both physical and spiritual/emotional anxiety, she teaches us that we can be more than one thing and that can be many things while being peaceful and calm. She says, "Yes, you can spin many plates in the air at one time, and do it in a calming and centered way." She is a cleanser releasing any negative thoughts that make you believe otherwise. 


Dosha(s): Pitta

Chakra(s): Heart, Crown, Solar Plexus

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