Tea Tree (Ti-Tee, Melalecua Alternifolia)

Tea Tree (Ti-Tee, Melalecua Alternifolia)


Melaleuca alternifolia (Australia) alson known as Tea Tree facilitates and helps with viral/bacterial/fungal infections, Herpes 1 & 2, colds, flu, infections, and vaginitis.  She opens the sinus and  breathing passages. She reminds you to breathe and take in life. 


Spiritually and emotionally, Tea Tree fosters our creative side, helping stimulate ideas from our heart and experience, and not from our head and intellectual knowledge. She cleanses negativity and all the second guessing we do to ourselves and lets clearly create. She is here to open us up and cleanse us from all things (spiritually, mentally, emotionally and phsyically) that don't serve our greatest good. 



Chakras: Crown, Heart

Doshas: Kapha, Pitta

ArchAngel: Raphael


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