The Flower of Truth Bowl: Hand Crafted Indian Singing Bowl

The Flower of Truth Bowl: Hand Crafted Indian Singing Bowl


This bowl is hand crafted in India from an aluminum blend.This bowl was hand selected by Shawna  and has its    own unique design and energy: there is not another bowl like this. It is completely unique and  one-of-a-kind. I call this bowl the "flower of truth bowl" and is destined to go to the person who wants to share the message of budding truth and the value of really allowing the self to full blossom into their own place of true self expression.


The story of this bowl: This bowl is blesseed with the energy of truth and honest self expression. In the center of the bowl is an image of a fully open flower, representing the energy of coming into a full blossom with our truth: completely openning ourself up and allowing us to, without limits, express who we truly are. This expression is beautiful and this bowl provides sound medicine to allow the listener to step into this beautiful truth.


 The bowl holds the color therapy of a light purple/rose pink which brings compassion and  love and so the bowl provides a soft and nurturing energy encouraging the listener to feel safe and free to open his or herself up to their true self. The bowl teaches the power that of being our true self blesses us with abundance of love. 


 The bowl is tuned to the throat chakra and when played is intended to cultivate a safe place to be free to express our inner truth through love. It helps with communcation and expressing ourself so we are heard and understood and helps bring the energy to do this for others as well. 


Special Note: Due to the uniqueness of this Hand-Crafted Singing Bowl, there maybe small irregularities in the finish: this is   considereed to be the bowl's birth marks. This in no way affects the beautiful sound of the singing bowl and reminds us of the innocnese and imperfections of hand crafted work. 


7.75 Inchese

Includes mallet. 

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