The Illuminating Self: Hand-Crafted Indian Singing Bowl

The Illuminating Self: Hand-Crafted Indian Singing Bowl


This bowl is hand crafted in India from an aluminum blend.This bowl was hand selected by Shawna  and has its    own unique design and energy: there is not another bowl like this. It is completely unique and  one-of-a-kind. This  bowl is destined to go to the person who wants to use the vehicle of sound healing to help spread the message of self-confidence, inner power and embracing our own inner light.


The story of this bowl: I call this bowl the "illuminating self" bowl. It is blessed with etching of a bright light Buddah's mediating: the image is glowing and shows the power of the inner glow that comes from inner connectedness. When this bowl sings, it plays a song of confidence and self worth. It helps the listener feel empowered, strong and worthy of all things good.  There is a light that resides in each one of us: life can try to dim that light and bring depression or dark feelings. Life can also try to agitate that light bringing rage and anger. This bowl balances the inner light: allowing a soft and inspiring glow to radiate within in, and just like the sun, inspire and heal other's with their light. 


The bowl holds the color therapy of a light purple/rose pink which brings compassion, love and mental expansion. The bowl is tuned to the solar plexus chakra and when played is said to bring confidence, happiness and will to the listener. 


Special Note: Due to the uniqueness of this Hand-Crafted Singing Bowl, there maybe small irregularities in the finish: this is   considereed to be the bowl's birth marks. This in no way affects the beautiful sound of the singing bowl and reminds us of the  purity and imperfections of hand crafted work. 


6.5 Inches 

Includes Mallet

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