The Sacred Heart Bowl: Indian, Hand-Crafted Singing Bowl

The Sacred Heart Bowl: Indian, Hand-Crafted Singing Bowl


This bowl is hand crafted in India from an aluminum blend.This bowl was hand selected by Shawna  and has its    own unique design and energy: there is not another bowl like this. It is completely unique and  one-of-a-kind. This  bowl provides a sacred story. If you look closely at it you can see a wheel of abundance etched in the center of it. It has different symbols representing all of the gifts that life brings. When played, the listener will hear its gifts in its own way. It is a bowl that allows the listener's heart to talk and share all that it loves or all that is getting in the way of being love. 


Maybe the listener will find peace (as symbolized with the picture of the dove). Maybe the listener will blossom to a new level of understanding  (as depicted by the flower). Maybe the listener will face a demon and shed itself free from it (as depicted by the snake). 


The bowl tells different stories every time. Each time the heart hears the bowl, a new blessing and message of healing will be delievered. It is tuned to the heart chakra allowing the heart to forgive, be open and be "repaired" from past hurt and pain on an energetic level. 


Special Note: Due to the uniqueness of this Hand-Crafted Singing Bowl, there maybe small irregularities in the finish: this is   considereed to be the bowl's birth marks. This in no way affects the beautiful sound of the singing bowl and reminds us of the purity and imperfections of hand crafted work. 

9 Inch. Includes mallet.


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