The Ultimate Immune System Kit


The Ultimate Immune System Kit

This powerful kit contains 14 potent essential oils (Twelve 15 ml bottles and two 5 ml bottles) all focused on helping the body and mind stay strong and healthy during this time. The oils provide various effects including different anti-viral, bacteria, and repository effects among other things. 


Included in this kit are the following oils: 

  • Cinnamon Bark  

  • Cumin Black  

  • Ravanaras  

  • Ginger  

  • 2 different Eucalyptuses 

  • Turmeric  

  • Thyme 

  • Mt. Savory  

  • Manuka  

  • Clove Bud  

  • Tea Tree  

  • Oregano 

  • Reiki Blessing and mantra for good health 

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