Thuja Orientalis

Thuja Orientalis


If Thuja Orientalis is a heart felt hug of sacred energy reminding you of your sacred power. She holds you tight in safety and pure love, and from this embrace she shows you that you are sacred. She says, " You are and you have always been sacred. You are a sacred, sacred, sacred being." She teaches you to love your body as temple and honor your mind, heart, and all things that are you and this sacred experience that we are having known as life. 


From connecting with the sacred self she brings peace and calm to the mind, balances the heart and allows you to feel comfortable living in your body (the your sacred home!). 


Physically, she facilitates and helps with calming the central nervous system, cardiovascular system and the integumentary system (skin).   Also she is effective for coughs and respiratory congestion.  This is a herb that is used in Chinese medicine, known by Biota.


Chakras: Heart, Crown 



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