Thyme (Red, Thymol)

Thyme (Red, Thymol)


Thymus vulgarism thymol (Spain) or Thyme Red facilitates and helps with viral infections and fungal infections. He is deeply supporative of the immune system. He is anti-parasitic.


Emotionally and physically, Thyme Red is uplifting and strengthening.  Emotionally, he helps us  get moving after a set-back or disappointment.  He is your straight forward friend, the protective brother type that will give you tough love letting you know when it is time to move on. He will protect you from outside harm but give you a kick in the butt to move forward. He looks right in the heart and says, "I know *inset painful past memory* hurt you, but come on! It is time to move on." And then he will take your hand and show you how to move on. 


Use  him to help get over an ex or friendships/business relationships that have hurt you/left you/disappointed you. Use him when you keep replaying something in your head and need to move forward. 


Thyme is connected to the thymus gland: this is related to not only immune system (so he will help us stay strong and fight for your health) but also the protective covering around your heart. He helps build wisdom and sheilds of protection, not walls that block out love. 


He is best used on the soles (souls!) of the feet, as this is a very hot (temperature) essential oil.


Chakra: Heart, Root

Planets: Venus, Mercury

Dosha(s): Vata

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