Thyme (Thuyanol)

Thyme (Thuyanol)


"Take your time. You have nothing but time. Gentle and easy does it." says Thyme *Thuyanol). 

his is a rare, mild, but powerful Thyme. He's woodsy and strong but gentle and nurturing. He will help remind you that time heals all wounds as he safely and slowly helps mend the heart taking down the walls we build around the heart. He teaches patience and presence.
"Be here now" is his mantra.


Thymus vulgaris thujanol (France)  facilitates and helps with parasites, fungal infections, respiratory problems.   He is hghly anti-viral and will defend and protect you. phsyically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Energy: Father Time 

Chakra: Heart, Crown

Dosha(s): Vata


About the Farmer:  Luc, a young French farmer, produces many of the rare essences sold at Wisdom of the Earth (WOTE): while he produces other, more commercially viable essences, he has a desire and a calling to preserve these incredibly powerful medicinal plants/essences, so that they are not lost. You can see the  hand-labeled tray of seedlings: this shows the level of personal involvement he has with  his plants and land. This Thyme Thuyanol is started in small batches and then is transferred to the fields when ready. This kind of commitment to the medicinal purpose of essential oils…not just the beautiful fragrance they possess…is uncommon, and WOTE  honor Luc for his labor-intensive efforts to cultivate these little-known, rare plants that offer so much to us all.


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