Tuberose (Absolute)

Tuberose (Absolute)


Tuberose is pure beauty. She will teach your mind this in every way and phsyically,emotionally, energeticaly and spiritually it will benefit. 


She is known to:

*facilitate and help with inflammation and pain

*be anphrodisiac awakening the beautiful expression of lovers in the phsyical act of love making.

*open the heart, but within the boundaries we set.  


This essence is bery rare.  She is an Absolute, which means that the essence was chemically extracted from the petals of the tuberose. Her smell is powerfully beautiful and will awaken the inner beauty that resides in you and allow you to see this in all things. 


She teaches self love, true love, and unconditional love and allows this vibration to exude within and outward to others. Hang with her if your quest is to become closer and closer to being and living nothing but pure love. Her frequency is high and will take yours there as well.


She gives you the confidence to express yourself sexual and creatively. She allows you to flow and be liberated to freely be you and express yourself in all means for pleasure and pure joy. 


Energy: Arachangel Jophiel, Mary Magendelene, Aphrodite

Chakras: Crown, Heart, Sacral, Solar Plexus

Doshas: Pita


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